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Wow !

Who's this man ???

        Tutu Marques is a full time artist. 

        Originally from a Circus family, he is graduated in the National Circus School (Rio - Brazil). 

        On his journey around the world, he has found many mentors to develop this traditional techniques. This skills come from the physical modalities, including acrobatics, to the performative treasures like clownery, mime, music, dance and magic. Every detail is seen when you watch him live.

        This work has been dedicated to create a show original and full of personality. His passion for the stage and also for the street are pointing to go further and further.

At your service 

Tutu Marques

- Circus Artist -

Variete Act

This act can performed in big Circus, Theater and Varietes. Also welcome for dinner shows, its visually elegant and charming. Red for Passion and Zebra to get Wild.

Single and strong act to be performed in Cabarets and Varietes

Tutu Cube Show

- Lets play in the Street -

              A character full of personality ready to make a big show. Nobody has seen anyone like him. Developed among the greatest clowns in the present time, has given knock out in the spectators with a bad mood. Try yourself to keep your arms crossed for more than 5 minutes. If you can, go straight to the therapist.

              Intense acrobatics and thrilling handstands will shake the street. Intelligent humor and funny situations with volunteers will give them a nice taste of how to dance. You will leave with the soundtheme in your head and a big smile on the face. Don't laugh to much or he will bring you in and give all his charm in a seduction game. One maybe resist, but you'll end up dancing together and celebrating on the stage.

An explosive Show 

Technical Requirements

Space: 6 mts x 6 mts
Height: 4 mts
Mounting: 10 mins

Duration: from 25 to 40 mins (according to the festival)

Set out: 5 mins
Public: all ages

An interactive comedy to

move your day.

A good chance to get

impressed at the street

An eccentric circus company who defies the laws of physics through unimaginable, unbelievable and international acts. Playing games of humor, imagination and visual effects, the Circênicos company perform a mixture between clownery, magic and virtuous techniques of balancing and juggling. Good quality entertainment for all ages. Founded in 2006, has collected 8 international prizes.